I'm Philomena Digings.  Despite being introduced to reading through the dreadful 'Janet & John' series, I became an avid reader and have since tried a range & variety of authors and genres.

I 've been writing  stories and poems since I was a child. I trained as a teacher and   English Language and Literature were my major subjects. I have taught children across the age ranges from 4-18, as well as adults.

I encourage enjoyment and enthusiasm for both reading and writing, which I hope will last a lifetime. I have enabled exploration of literature and poetry. I work collaboratively to inspire     creative writing, poetry, story -telling, script-writing, acting and reading aloud.

I also use collaborative Film and Video as media  for expressing ideas and opinions.  

As well as my own writing,  I also produce ideas for new writers.See the relevant links at the top of this home page. Feel free to download any of the material. 

I invite other writers to network with me. Have a look at the News & Links page. You can go to the WordsFlyPast Facebook page to read and post  reviews and comments on my work and that of others. Feel free to  email me links to your own relevant Facebook pages or publications for sale.  I will publish them here. You can publish details yourself on my Facebook page.                                                                                                           



26th June 2020

Wow ! Where did that month go ? 

Detective Constable Anna Kinsale is still with me. She's now involved with the investigation into a gangland murder. She's still 'bagman' to Detective Sergeant Murray Jacobs - or 'bagwoman' as she calls it !  This time she has to go undercover as a night club hostess ! Hopefully, your curiosity will stay aroused until publication in the Autumn.  

1965-09-16 Dean Martin Show - Inga Neilsen (7).JPG

27th May 2020

The 'lockdown' has given me plenty of time to finish another novel. 'Machinations, Malpractice & Murder' is my first attempt at a detective novel. I'm a fan of the genre and decided to have a go !                                          The story is set in 1965 when my newly promoted detective - Detective Constable Anna Kinsale - is 25 years old. Making progress  in the police force over 50 years ago was difficult for women. It was a very male culture and working environment. Nevertheless, some determined women broke through and demonstrated their skills and knowledge in a demanding situation.  Anna was one such.  Her boss, gives her the chance to be one of the officers in a murder team, investigating a double murder which leads them into the murky world of financial dodgy dealing.      ENJOY !



12th February 2020

I'm so pleased today. After a few bumps and wobbles, my new novel 'OCEANA' is published. It's available as usual on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. 

Ir's sad in some ways because it's the last in a trilogy about the life and loves of Minnie-May Houghton. She may emerge again in the future - who knows. It's rather like losing a good friend though.



27th January 2020

Hi all. I'm struggling with the printers at the moment, but hope to have my  new book, 'OCEANA' up and running very soon. In the meantime, I'm proof-reading a new illustrated children's book for my partner. More about that in my next post.                                                     On a current note, the Feb/March edition of the 'Living' magazine is now available online & in hard copy. It's a must-read if you live in SW France - interesting articles and plenty of ideas for trips out around the area. See Page 52 to find out what the 'Fowpars' family are up to.




6th January 2020

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Best wishes for 2020. 

The final 'Minnie-May' book in the trilogy is complete and currently being proof-read. I am hoping it will be published by the end of January. Will keep you posted -  for those who can't  bear the suspense !!

17th December 2019

In my novel "Wild Waves & Dragon's Song, my main character, Minnie-May, visits Clare Island off the West coast of Ireland. I was inspired by  a painting to write a poem about the island.

Rain on Clare Island

The weather is worsening.                                                       A storm is rolling down Knockmore mountain.                 The air grows heavy and suffocating.                       There’s a flash of light.                                                            A roar of rage.                                                                         Rain begins to fall in copious, chaotic drops.                     I breath in the heady, heavy liquid.                                  The gusting wind keeps changing direction,                       carrying the rain in wild vortices one minute,                     in diagonal sheets the next.                                                  The pitter patter of the rain creates a shield around me.                                                                                          The deepening silver puddles make the ground slippery,                                                                                    creating an obstacle through which I battle.                      The sky itself is stone.                                                            Everything is granite in the rain.                                            No colours emerge, just shades of grey.                              The failing light creates shadows.                                        The landscape a silhouette.                                                    As darkness descends, no shapes, all black.                                                                                                                       

A stillness follows.                                                                    The island in the rain is a different land.                            A place of wonder, of mystery.                                              I am part of this wet world.                                                    There is nothing else beyond.                                                I have a need to be here.                                                        The wild weather has settled in my mind and my soul.

(Philomena 2019)


Clare Island by Tony O’Malley – charcoal on paper - 1970



8th December 2019

I have just finished reading  author, Erica Laine's trilogy of books about Isabella of Angouleme.  Isabella was a medieval queen with a fascinating history. The books are available for sale on Amazon. Visit Erica's website to see more: 



8th December 2019

Don't forget the Christmas/New Year 'Living' magazine is avaailable from your local distributor and online. Stig's 'Fowpars' cartoon on Page 50 shows the family having a eco-friendly Christmas !



30th November 2019

I am currently writing the third and final book in my trilogy about Minnie-May Houghton. I have just written about her visit to Dunwich, a coastal village in East Suffolk.  This is a place I love, although it has changed a lot since my childhood. Some years back I wrote a 'then & now' poem about the place:

How I loved you then, Atlantis of the East.

I strained to hear your lost bell

in the echoes of fierce winds.

I climbed the stony incline to reveal the bay.

Fishing smacks, weathered and well used.

The wild grey sea.

I stood inhaling your remoteness.

 Now it’s lost to the yellow car park

And the garish ice-cream stand.

Another broken memory.


4th November 2019

If you're in SW France, don't forget to get a copy of the 'Living' magazine. The latest Oct/Nov issue is available,free of charge, from local suppliers and online. See Stig Tomas' latest cartoon - the Fowpars - following the exploits of a British family living in France on Page 52.

Read Online!



26th October 2019

I'm starting a blog on this page today. I'll post updates on my writing and throw out some personal info about how the writing is going and what's coming next.  I'll tell you what I'm reading and write some short reviews.

If you'd like to engage with me - share your own writing - maybe some extracts ?  Recommending reading matter & reviewing what you've read  would be great. Feel free to review my books - all available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle formats. Amazon reviews help me to take on board constructive criticism and, hopefully, encourage new readers to dip in and see what they think.

As of today, I'm busy writing the last book in a trilogy about the life of a young woman called Minnie-May.  In the first book, 'Wild Waves & Dragon's Song', you can begin to get to know her from her diary extracts and recorded accounts of her life - what she gets up to, her feelings, her hopes and desires. 

Ebook cover image

Her story starts when she is 11 and making the big jump from primary to secondary school. There's a special reason why this is particularly traumatic for her - taking this obligatory  leap from the known to the unknown.

The story takes her up to the age of 22. Learn about where her adventurous nature takes her - mystical places and first love..............

I'll tell you more about Minnie-May next time. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.